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Innovation could bring flexible solar cells, transistors, displays

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Researchers have created a new type of transparent electrode that might find uses in solar cells, flexible displays for computers and consumer electronics and future “optoelectronic” circuits for sensors and information processing. The electrode is made of silver nanowires covered with a material called graphene, an extremely thin layer of carbon. Continue Reading...

Graphene – what next after the hype?

Graphene has already come a long way towards commercialisation, despite its short history. But really hard questions still remain about what comes next and how to grow revenues.

Graphene 2013: Will graphene deliver the goods?

  By Mathieu Massicotte on May 8, 2013 BILBAO, SPAIN- Scientists and industries interested in exploring and exploiting the unique properties of graphene gathered last week at the ImagineNano Graphene 2013 conference in Bilbao, Spain. The timing of the meeting was perfect as it came only a few months after the European Commission announced a billion euros of Continue Reading...