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Graphene Technology – New Book Out!

Delighted to announce our new book was published this month by Wiley-VCH. The book features several chapters written by GSA members. Thanks to GSA Advisory Board member, Soroush Nanzapour, for the excellent collaboration. To purchase the book, clink on link below. http://www.wiley-vch.de/publish/en/books/ISBN3-527-33833-0/...

Graphene Supercapacitors

Researchers at companies developing commercial solutions for graphene supercapacitors are targeting much more efficient and eco-friendly energy-storage solutions at lower price points. Some technologies have already arrived, some are about to launch, while others are still in the making. Among the latest developments: Read rest of article at link: http://m.electronicdesign.com/power/can-supercapacitors-surpass-batteries-energy-storage...

How to convert graphene into a semiconductor for scalable production

How to convert graphene into a semiconductor for scalable production Breakthrough in growing scalable one-dimensional graphene nanoribbons directly on wafers June 21, 2016 Progressively magnified images (left to right; scale bars: 400, 10, and 1 nm) of graphene nanoribbons grown on germanium semiconductor wafers. (credit: Michael Arnold/University of Wisconsin-Madison) Graphene can be transformed in the Continue Reading...

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