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The GSA’s Center of Excellence (CoE) initiative is part of the association’s ongoing mission to foster the responsible development of graphene and other 2D & 3D advanced nanomaterials. The Center of Excellence initiative brings together world-class researchers in standards, characterization analysis and environmental health and safety, materials producers and industry innovators. Through on-going collaboration with key stakeholders, the GSA’s Center of Excellence initiative seeks to accelerate the development of standards and facilitate the commercialization process of graphene and other 2D & 3D advanced nanomaterials.


The mission of the Graphene Stakeholders Association’s (GSA) Center of Excellence is to provide the equivalent of a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for graphene and 2D materials producers in collaboration with GSA Lifetime member, National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and advanced materials experts affiliated with the GSA. Additionally the CoE will be providing EH&S guidance privately to its members through its collaboration with the Arkansas Research Alliance (ARA) and affiliated GSA CoE researchers.

Member Services

Standardized Structural and Chemical Characterization for Graphene Manufacturers
Characterization of (i) chemically derived graphene powders and dispersions and (ii) graphene grown on substrates by chemical vapor deposition. The customers will be provided with a report detailing key aspects of their materials such as degree of functionalization, size of lateral dimensions, and number of layers.

Custom Measurements for Graphene Manufacturers
Custom measurements including measurements of particular functionalities for graphene-derived composites and devices. Some examples of such customized measurements could include mechanical testing, evaluation of integrity of graphene-based coatings, electrical and thermal conductivity.

Comparative Evaluation of Graphene and Graphene Derivatives
GSA has had several requests by larger companies to provide comparative evaluation of graphene supplied by different manufacturers. The CoE will provide single- or double-blind trials of samples as per customer requirements. The specific measurements will range from the standardized structural and chemical characterization noted above to custom measurements designed collaboratively with the assistance of GSA technical experts.

Center of Excellence data analysis will be available to CoE members to facilitate standards, transparency and collaboration with industry innovators. EH&S guidance will be provided upon member request.

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Collaboration of Graphene with Other 2D & 3D nanomaterials Producers
The GSA has an extensive network of emerging and established companies that can be leveraged to foster the commercialization of innovations of advanced nanomaterials. CoE members are encouraged to explore the frontiers of 3D printing and additive manufacturing the GSA and use the GSA’s network to foster collaborations that accelerate commercialization of graphene and other 2D & 3D advanced nanomaterials.

GSA Center of Excellence Advisory Board Members

Dr. Andrew Pollard, NPL
Dr. Sarbajit Banerjee, Texas A&M
Dr. Roger Buchanan, ARA
Dr. Alan Rae, GSA
Dr. Soroush Nazarpour, NanoXplore
Ray Gibbs, Haydale
Rich Guy, ATI
Mark Anderson, SNS
Suzanne Guy, ATI
Stephen Waite, GSA

For more information about the GSA Center of Excellence and how to become a member, please send email to with “CoE” in the Subject line.