Cientifica’s Graphene Report Available to GSA members at 20% Discount

Cientifica’s new Graphene Opportunity Report looks beyond the hype and takes a rational and dispassionate look at the entire graphene value chain, from graphite to THz electronics. There will be long-term winners, and the report indicates what strategies are required to join this small elite band, and we provide a wealth of lessons from our previous experience in nanotechnologies and life sciences. Most importantly, the report looks beyond the narrow graphene or nanotechnology worlds, and assess graphene’s chances of success in competing with a wide range of other technologies, many of which have not been considered by those concentrating solely on graphene.
With full market figures for the impact of graphene and graphene based intermediate products in 2018, the report is available at an exclusive 20% discount for GSA members. To purchase, click on link below and mention your status as a GSA member.

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Co-founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Association