Entrepreneurs Delve into Graphene

David Bertola
Buffalo Business First Reporter – Business First

A new Buffalo non-profit that launched this month promotes development and commercialization of graphene and graphene-enabled products.

The Graphene Stakeholders Association is a 501(c)6 enterprise that includes Keith Blakely, a 35-year veteran of the advanced materials and nanotechnology community, Dr. Alan Rae, CEO of the Nano Materials Innovation Center, Vincent Caprio, Executive Director of the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association, and Stephen Waite, Managing Partner of SoundView Technology Group. Waite and Blakely serve as co-executive directors of the association.

In 2010, a Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Dr. Andre Geim and Dr. Konstantin Novoselov for their discovery of graphene. Composed of pure carbon, it has the potential to play a vital role in the development of advanced technologies in such industry segments including computing, electronics, energy, defense, health care, telecommunications, and transportation. The association was created to foster graphene-based education, technical collaboration, scientific exchange, and value and job creation through successful commercialization.

It is envisioned that association members will be part of a network that joins all researchers, government agencies, producer, and user companies around the world. To meet this end the organization is seeking broad membership from those around the world who are engaged in exploring the material and commercialization of it.

For more information, visit www.graphenestakeholders.org.


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