Graphene investment in 2013

Graphene investment in 2013

By on January 3, 2014

Graphene, the most written about material of 2013, has raised more controversy in the business and finance worlds than it has in science. Sure, it’s the strongest, toughest, most conductive, most flexible, thinnest material in the world, touting physics like the quantum Hall effect and proven applications such as monolayer transistors, but many have been asking, impatiently, when will it start reeling in money for the investors, and how to invest in it in the first place?

Andre Geim, the Nobel prize winner who led the team that first isolated graphene in a lab, used to compare commercialization of graphene to eating a dolphin – exploiting something that is simply beautiful. That stance seems to have shifted a little last year, with the University of Manchester set to open the National Graphene Institute, a place where scientists are to work side-by-side with leading companies on graphene commercialization. In parallel, a similarly directed centre has started up nearby – the Cambridge Graphene Centre. The Centre is directed by Prof. Andrea Ferrari, who is also one of the leaders of the European Graphene Flagship, a billion-euro project focused on commercializing the immense scientific achievements reached by graphene researchers over the past 10 years. With all this commercialization excitement literally flooding the news in 2013, it is only natural that people are all too eager to place their money on graphene.

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