Graphene | The Material of the Future

There have been many exciting advancements in the field of materials science in the past quarter century. Perhaps none has generated the enthusiasm and excitement as the substance known as Graphene. This substance is pure carbon in the form of sheets one atom thick. Graphene is estimated to be 200 times stronger than steel, is as flexible as rubber, and conducts heat and electricity extremely efficiently. Further, because it is only an atom thick, it is nearly two-dimensional, imbuing it with many interesting light-related, and water-related properties.

Graphene is not a naturally occurring substance. Even though it had been theorized by physicists since the 1960s, it was only produced for the first time in 2004. Back then, production methods made Graphene usage prohibitively expensive; however, over the past decade, academics and corporate researchers have made great strides in reducing production costs. And as those costs drop further with each passing year, Graphene is poised to revolutionize the fields of medicine, electronics, computing, and more.


In this article we will look at 1) overview of materials and R&D, 2) discovery of Graphene, 3) properties of Graphene, 4) benefits of Graphene, 5) Graphene production, 6) commercial usage of Graphene, and 7) current & potential applications of Graphene.

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