GSA member Graphenea receives $1.36 Million investment from Repsol

December, 5th 2013. San Sebastian, Spain – Graphenea (, a graphene producer company, has received a $1.36 million investment (€1 million) from Repsol Energy Ventures in a co-investment scheme with the CDTI Innvierte venture capital fund.

The investment is structured as a capital increase that reinforces Graphenea’s equity and capability to lead the emerging graphene production industry. The funds will be used to accelerate its business plan towards industrialization.

Graphene is a new nanotechnology material formed of a single layer of carbon atoms that has outstanding optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Graphene materials are widely used in research and development of disruptive energy storage and generation technologies, advance materials and electronics.

Graphenea is a leading startup in the emerging graphene production market. The company produces graphene films by Chemical Vapor Deposition and graphene powders by Chemical Exfoliation technologies developed by the company. Materials produced by Graphenea are used for the development of batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells and thermal management materials just to mention a few energy related applications. Graphene materials are also used as polymer additives and advanced composites.

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Co-founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Association