Inventor James Dyson on the potential of graphene

James Dyson is founder of U.K.-based Dyson Ltd., whose North American headquarters is based in Chicago, and he invented the dual cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner.

What he’s watching for in 2014

“Material science is most exciting to me at the moment. Advanced materials will make the currently impossible, possible. With the discovery of new materials like graphene – the thinnest material on earth, completely elastic, yet stronger than a diamond – I think we will soon see some fascinating applications.”

 What forces have made that possible?

“Brilliant researchers, scientists and engineers – but there aren’t enough of them. Graphene was discovered by a couple of Manchester-based researchers experimenting on a Friday night, peeling away layers of pencil lead until they isolated a substance one atom thick. Investment in research and development – and in those who study it – is what will keep pushing us beyond the boundaries of the materials we know to exist today.”

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